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Deep Green Journey 

Creating Space in the Wild for Healing and Wholeness 

Deep Green Journey is a 501(c) 3 organization that exists to create space in the natural world for people to discover sacred healing, connection, and creativity within themselves, their community and their understanding of a Divine Presence.  We offer Forest Therapy Walks, Backpacking trips and Retreat opportunities to individuals and groups, always drawing upon nature’s wisdom as a conduit for healing and growth.  

Nature invites us into that space to dwell deeply with ourselves, with one another, with the Divine Presence to allow space to become our most authentic selves.

An important part of our work is to connect with individuals who are limited in their ability to access the natural world, for any reason, so that all may discover the gift of space and time in the wild.


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Beth Jones is the director of Deep Green Journey and is a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide.  An ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church, she has over 20 years' experience leading retreat and workshop experiences as well as hiking and backpacking excursions in the mountains of North Central PA. She enjoys leading groups to discover extraordinary possibilities in life, faith and relationships through a restorative connection with the natural world.

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"Contemplative tradition has its roots in a call to be in intimate connection with nature, the places of wilderness and other wild edges that reflect our inner reality.  This call to the edges, a call to wilderness  - to that which lies beyond our domesticated, safe and secure lives.  Nature reminds us of the messiness and beauty of things."

                    ~Christine Valters Painter

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