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Guided immersive experiences in the natural world

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Walks typically last 2 1/2 hours as we use all of our senses and take time as a group and on our own to experience the wild at our own pace.  Feel the texture of tree bark, experience the cool silky feel of water through your fingers, smell the pungent scent of the earth and see colors and textures as you never have before.  Group rates and bookings are available.

To learn more about Forest Therapy walks please visit: 
Association of Nature and Forest Therapy
Guides and Programs

Allow yourself to slow down, breathe deeply, move slowly and experience nature with your whole being.  These walks are accessible to anyone as we don't wander far.  We do take our time.

Come spend time among the trees ~ even spending a few minutes underneath the trees has benefits.

Boost the immune system

Lower blood pressure

Reduce stress

Improve mood

Increases ability to focus

Accelerates recovery from surgery or illness

Boost creativity 

Increase energy level

Improve sleep  

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