Shinrin Yoku Walks

In these days of self-isolation, we invite you to experience a virtual Shinrin-Yoku (Japanese for 'Forest Bathing') walk.  This can be done from the safety of your home where you can experience an on-line experience of the wild while learning how to appreciate your current environment in a deeper way.


Studies show that when we take the time to slow down and interact with the natural world, we will find healing of mind, body and spirit.


  • Sunday,  May 31st 2-5 pm @Rider Park                      Caleb Creek Rd, Trout Run, PA 17771

  • $15.00 per person


Registration is limited to 5 people. Participants will be asked to wear a mask and we will be following physical distancing guidelines throughout the walk.


People of all ages and abilities are

welcome to seek a deeper connection

with the forest and within themselves.  

Beth Jones is a Certified Forest Therapy

guide through the Association of Nature

and Forest Therapy Guides


Learn more about Shinrin-Yoku here:

Register here: 

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