Retreats and Workshops

"Your ministry connected in me two things that have been steadfast in my life; God and nature. I've always known in my mind that they were connected but I never felt it in my being until this weekend. You opened for me a way to access God and my faith that I didn't have before. It's so amazing how God works in us."

                                                                                                                                  ~DGJ Retreat Participant 

A day-long workshop or overnight retreat is a unique opportunity to bring a small group or leadership team together.  Nature becomes a classroom and teacher as we learn the wisdom that each passing season can give.

Groups can choose to encorporate all areas for a complete retreat or choose to focus on one topic for a retreat or day -long workshop. 

Workshop and Retreat Topics include: 

"Becoming Light" ~ Release of that which prevents healing and freedom to live into authenticity 

"Still Breathing" -~Receive the opportunity to be still in a time of restorative listening and healing 

"The Road not Traveled" ~    Respond 

by fully living into your gifts as you aid and transform your world

"Finding Green" ~ Renew 

 vision and creativity through the gift of awareness as you open yourself to God's possibilities

Cost for a day-long workshop is $250.00

Multiple-Day (2 day/1 night) Retreat $750.00 with additional $200 per day

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