Friday, Septebmer 25th

6-8pm:          Arrive and get settled – tent set up, backpack packing, get to know each other

8pm:             Time around the fire/snacks and conversation 

                                            ~Spiritual Pilgrimage or ‘Sainte Terre’  – a holy walk across the land.

                                            ~Stepping through the threshold on an overnight pilgrimage. Moving with                                               intentionality.

                                            ~ Naming some of the gifts of wilderness pilgrimage: Simplicity,                                                              Attentiveness, Vulnerability, Courage.

9:30pm:         Some time apart for personal reflection

                                            ~What do you need to leave behind so your soul can travel light?


Saturday, September 26th

8:00am          Breakfast and time for additional questions -  get packed up

9:30am;         Travel to trailhead to begin


The hike is not long and it is not taxing.  We will take our time and pause often to notice our surroundings. We will pause throughout our hike to put our packs down, stretch and participate in various invitations that guide us to relationship with our surroundings and with God.  The plan is to arrive mid-afternoon at the place we will stay overnight so that we have plenty of time to enjoy the space.

Afternoon upon arrival – times are approximate!


3pm:               Set up, gather wood, water, etc.


Before dinner – some brief time together to reflect on our day then you will be invited to spend some time apart from each other for personal reflection.

Questions for reflection will be given to you to use if you wish or you may use this time simply as you need it.

6pm:               Dinner!  (and cleanup)

7pm:               Group time for facilitated conversation and reflection on the concept of ‘receiving’ in                            nature and in our walk with God

8pm:               Time apart for reflection – again, questions for this time will be provided but it is up to                          you how you use this time.

9pm:               A night wander and/or fire as we wind down and prepare for bed


Sunday, September 27th 

7:30am:          A gentle morning stretch

8:00am:          Breakfast (and clean up)

9:00am:          Some time apart with guided questions/time to journal

10:00am:        Time together for facilitated conversation and reflection on ‘renewal’ in nature                                       and in our walk with God

11:00am:         Pack up

Lunch will be on the trail as we return with the same pace and intentionality as our walk yesterday.  We will not be in a hurry but will be taking the time to rest and observe along the way.

We will return between 2 and 3pm in the afternoon.

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