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Healing Nature 

There are times in our life when it helps to pause for a bit at simply listen. Perhaps you have been feeling a sense of disconnection, uncertainty, even anxiety in the midst of changing times.  We often feel as if the ground is shifting beneath our feet and we long for a sense of grounding and community where we can share our fears and our hopes for the next chapter in our life journey.  Nature has a way of grounding us in understanding and  can waken us to a Divine Presence, known by many names, that walks with us in that re-centering. 

You are invited to join with us for a series of online gatherings interspersed with invitations for participants to explore the natural world and its wisdom as together we seek healing and hope. 

Each session will be lead by Beth Jones, director of Deep Green Journey, ordained pastor in the United Methodist church and certified nature and forest therapy guide. 


Tuesday, September 10th ~ Noticing                 

                    Tuesday, October 8th ~Resilience   

'                                       Tuesday, November 12th ~ Grounding             

                                                     Tuesday,  December 10th ~ FInding Flow  


                    7:00- 8:00pm Eastern                                       Fee: $130

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